So a little while back I got on Twitter and was looking around for some blogs to follow. I came across someone looking for some help, asking for guest posts. I have personally never done that and thought it’d be a great adventure in blogging.

I did it! And of course, I made it crochet themed. What else? 🙂

The blogger’s name is Emily or Brighter Craft and she is super friendly. She was originally just looking for lifestyle and well being blog writers and so of course I thought it might be difficult to explain crochet to her. But luckily she was open to the suggestion! I sent my submission via email and gave her free reign to change it if needed.

So without further waiting, here it is: 5 Ways Crocheting Can Improve Mental Health! 

I did a lot of research and pulled from personal experience for that blog. It was a lot of fun to write and look into. As you all know, crocheting is a passion of mine now and I love not only crocheting but what affects it has had on my life. It’s changed how I live my daily life, how I go about my job, and many other things. I would love it if you went and read that blog! Crocheting, as well as any other craft, can do wonders to your mental health.

I would like to thank Emily personally for helping me, for taking my idea and putting it up on her blog. It’s so awesome seeing my work somewhere else but here and about crocheting of all things. So thank you, it means a lot. 🙂

You can find Emily via Twitter, Pinterest, or her own blog https://brightercraft.com/

Until next time!


p.s. If you think I should open up this blog for potential guest blogging, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your ideas.